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The Hospice is a non-profit private service which offers top-quality assistance to guests as well as support to their families, thanks to an agreement with A.U.S.L. of Reggio Emilia that establishes coverage of 65% of the costs. The remaining 35% is donated by many citizens, companies and institutions from Reggio Emilia, ensuring in this way a high quality service with passion, motivation and expertise everyday.

Reggio Emilia A.U.S.L. Agreement
Contribution from citizens, companies and institutions

Support Hospice Casa Madonna dell'Uliveto

  • Directly at the administration
  • Via bank transfer 
    Fondazione Madonna Uliveto ONLUS
    CREDEM – Sede di Albinea
    IBAN: IT 86 N 03032 66130 010000007000
  • Establishing annual or permanent scholarship funds in memory of deceased relatives;
  • Via testamentary bequests;
  • Giving part of his time as a volunteer.

Choose to assign your 5x1000 to the “Fondazione Madonna dell’Uliveto - ONLUS”.

Madonna dell’Uliveto O.N.L.U.S. Foundation
Via Oliveto, 37 –42020 Montericco di Albinea (RE)

Write our Fiscal Code 91108130351 in the box reserved for voluntary work and ONLUS association.

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