Every moment of life has value and the end is its fulfillment.

Family support

Proposals for family members who assist the chronic and / or incurable sufferer to ‘take care of themselves’ avoiding the risk of burn out assistance.

Bereavement support

Competent bereavement services to face the traumatic experience of loss, aimed at family members, parents, children.

Palliative Care Library

Books, magazines, theses, DVDs on palliative care, bioethics, mourning, death and death education, spirituality of the end of life, narrative, philosophy and anthropology.

The Hospice ‘Casa Madonna dell’Uliveto’, consistent with the philosophy of Palliative Care, takes care not only of sick people but also of family members who are to assist them.

“In Hospice my father was accompanied by a team of highly skilled and capable professionals who take care of the primary needs of patients with kindness and human sensitivity, not just a question of skills but of a capacity to take care that expresses love and, the channel of love, is the only one that the soul feels.
During a difficult and inevitable moment of life the House allows to reconcile and realign with balance body, soul and spirit. “

The Hospice therefore offers caregivers opportunities for psychological, emotional and relational support with the aim of containing the burn-out of the assitant and recovering a certain level of psycho-physical balance.

And when the loss of a loved one arrives, there are different possibilities to support people in coping with the experience of mourning.

Open to all – patients, caregivers, citizens, professionals, students – our Library specialized in Palliative Care, is part of the provincial interlibrary system (OPAC Sebina).