Reflection's journeys

“Thought contains the possibility of the situation that it thinks. What is thinkable is also possible.” (L. Wittgenstein)

From year to year Hospice Casa Madonna dell’Uliveto renews its commitment to disseminate and promote cultural opportunities, awareness and reflection.

On the one hand, we want to make the Hospice service and the palliative care philosophy better known to the territory, on the other, we want to stimulate a cultural change that considers life and death on the same continuum of meaning, enhancing beauty until the last moment .

Not the juvenile and consumeristic beauty, which rejects suffering and sickness, as the ‘beauty’ of everyday life, of relationships, of gestures, of the pleasure of sharing. This beauty, which if conceived, can give meaning to the existence of each person, is at the center of our proposals to citizenship, which vary from paths of study, art, music and other forms of expression