Sensitization at school

Information and awareness projects on palliative care and the Hospice’ world for students.

Since 2014, Hospice Casa Madonna dell’Uliveto proposes awareness-raising projects aimed at boys and girls of Secondary Institutes aimed at deepening the themes of serious illness, suffering, dying, and Palliative Care. Issues often intertwined with the lives of boys and girls (but also of teachers) who have been through or are going through experiences of loss, mourning, illness of a loved one. The difficulty, in the school context, is to provide spaces for sharing and (partial) re-elaboration of these experiences, which, significantly affecting the emotional, personal and relational levels of the person involved, also influence the class group.

We therefore believe it is important to propose moments dedicated to reflection on these issues, even though they are aware of the difficulty, the fatigue and embarrassment they bring with them. Without the pretension of removing and / or relieving individual experiences of emotions and experiences related to loss and illness, rather creating a space where all this, respecting each boy / girl, can be recognized, named, shared, narrated, questioned , even for short moments.